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About us

The power of winning relationships

The main pillar we stand on is the commitment to ensure every one of our clients benefits from the highest level of professional support. We create a safe space where our athletes feel at home, and our brands and partners can successfully collaborate.

Our promise:



Ivan Ljubicic, former World No.3 and current coach of Roger Federer is one of the most respected individuals in the world of sport today. Ivan has continuously participated in the development of tennis and served as ATP's Players' Council President and became one of the few active players to serve on the ATP Board of Directors. Ivan's playing, coaching and executive experience has been instrumental in founding LJ Sports Group. His vision was to create an environment where athletes and other stakeholders can maximise their potential.

The fundamental driving forces

Working together with carefully selected partners, we build flexible and bespoke strategies based on extensive expertise. Transparency, flexibility and innovation provide the foundation on which we build our personalised 360-degree approach. These values support our vision and shape our business culture. Our mission is to cultivate effective and meaningful relationships to ensure our clients achieve their best results.

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